Bareboat Charter in Croatia

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Bareboat charter in Croatia – The land of a thousand islands, crystal clear seawater and exquisite local cuisine. Among many attractive tourist sites and offers in Croatia, exploring the coast and the islands is a truly unique experience.

Why is Bareboat charter ideal choice for you?

Prime Yachting is here to help you get the most out of your vacation. If you are considering exploring the coast without any time and location restrictions, bareboat charter is the perfect choice for you.

The main advantage of a bareboat charter is getting to navigate the yacht completely by yourself without the crew or any outsiders. Bareboat charter offers a complete privacy for you, your family and all your guests.

Imagine exploring the hidden beauty of Croatia coastline, experiencing breath taking sunsets and sunrises, while waking up every morning in a different cove. Considering that you can visit the best of Croatia without renting and moving from hotel to hotel. Bareboat charter offers you ideal solution for your best vacation.

Procedure and Requirements

To charter bareboat in Croatia, the most crucial requirement is that at least one of the crew members possesses a valid nautical certificate of competence (ICC) and a VHF radio certificate. Without these, you will not be able to charter a boat.

After you embark on your yacht the following step is the agreement of the deposit. The deposit is paid either by bank preauthorization or in cash. In preauthorization the specific sum of money is being blocked on your bank account. After the successful yacht excursion without any damage on a yacht, the sum is unblocked from the bank account.

When these steps are covered, the next one is technical check-in. In this step you get to know all the main and important yacht characteristics and features. Once the technical check-in and deposit payment are covered, you are going for a test drive with our skipper. The skipper estimates the chartering skills and evaluates if you can navigate the yacht by yourself or the opposite if there is, after all, a necessity for the skipper in your crew.

Prime Yachting offers you another advantage by providing you the possibility of the skipper training. In skipper training you get to boost and refine your yacht chartering skills in case if either you feel the need for refinement, or the skipper estimates the necessity of the outside crew member during your excursion.

Once the listed requirements are satisfied and you are ready to cruise, you can easily access all the given information and everything regarding the yacht you are navigating in the Yacht Guide that we have prepared for you.

Keep in mind that in case of any need for intervention our skippers are available from 0 to 24 hours and able to sail to help you and once again provide you with your best, stress free chartering experience.

Prime Yachting – FLEET

In our fleet we offer different types of yachts ranging in size from 40 up to 60ft. Explore our fleet and choose your seaside hotel.

Valid Skipper License

Contact us if you are not sure if your license is valid in Croatia.

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COVID-19 cancellation policy

Charter company is binding to proceed with the full refund of the amount received by Agency or Guest in the following cases:


  • If the borders of the host country or Guest’s residence country are officially closed on the date of your cruise
  • If a minimum quarantine of 7 days is imposed upon returning from your vacation or upon arriving to host country
  • If travel for the purpose of tourism is formally prohibited in the host country or in the Guest’s residence country on the date of departure