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Prime Yachting was also published in SKYLOUNGE magazine – SKYLOUNGE represents exclusive and by-invitation-only investor’s guide with topics covering luxury real estate, luxury private yacht, wealth management and more. It comes out 4 times a year and is sent directly by courier to HNWIs from the Gulf region (GCC), including family offices, private investors, institutional investors as well as members of royal families.

Luxury service providers from around the world (be it real estate developers or wealth advisory firms) are given a platform to introduce themselves to our distinguished audience.

In next edition, there will be a big chapter on Croatia itself and Croatia’s top exclusive service providers who will get a chance to highlight their services to esteemed Arabian HNWI reader-audience.

Our CEO, Tea, participated in the interview as exclusive Croatian yacht charter company leader:

Please tell us a bit more about your company and what makes you so special?

Prime Yachting was recognized as lead luxury yacht charter company in Croatia. We have a wide variety of yachts available for charter and sales, from 15 meters to 35 meters, each of them being maintained immaculately. We strive to be innovation – oriented company, and we cooperate with partners who are best in their field of work to provide unique services in yacht management, yacht sales and overall yacht maintenance. Prime Yachting also offers a great investment opportunity since we recognized that luxury tourism in Croatia is yet to reach its full potential. Our team’s first – hand experience gives us in-depth knowledge and insight, enabling us to propose charter yachts that will best suit our clients’ individual needs. We strive to maximize our ability to provide quality products that meet or exceed our customer requirements by maintaining continuous improvement of our employees, processes, products and customer service. Every employee is encouraged to identify, review and continually strive for improvement in all areas of the company to assure customer satisfaction.

Beside yacht- charter and services you also have a variety of beautiful villas in your portfolio to offer e.g. as holiday retreat. Tell us more about that?

To meet expectations of our clients and to live up to a standard, we also incorporated luxury real estate and villas for rent, as well as limousine transfer services, concierge services and tailor – made vacation packages. Our handpicked villa portfolio is a wide range of beautifully designed, furnished to the highest standard, modern properties that meet different requirements of our clients. More connected than ever before, our brand has a network of buyers around the world who see the value in Croatian real estate. Also, luxury villas in Croatia have a high ROI rate (return of investment) and owner are delighted that they can spend their vacation in Croatia, and in period they’re not using a villa, they rent it and pay out the villa maintenance expenses.

What has been you experience with international clients so far, in particular from the Middle East?

Prime Yachting has already hosted a number of Middle East clients on our yachts and in our villas across Croatia. We think that Middle East clients recognized values of Croatia as leading European country for luxury tourism development, as well as ideal sanctuary for holidays! Currently, we are working on training of our crew members and concierge team, in terms of implementing Arabic food and drinks on our menus, Halal kitchen and special approach – that personal touch we offer on any of our services makes us so good at what we do.

Croatia is a very beautiful country and is “full of life” as your slogan states, appealing to our reader audience of wealthy Arab families from the GCC – how in your own words would you describe it as the perfect destination?

As confirmed by international travel advisors numerous times, Croatia now sits near the top of the list of high end vacation hot spots. Why „full of life” – because Croatia include opportunities for multi generational family travel; access to active or adventure trips; river cruises; food and wine experiences; luxury private yacht; cultural immersion, beach resort stays and honeymoon locales and so much more. How I see Croatia? As a country of crystal clear sea and secluded beaches and coves for when you need peace and tranquility, a country of beach bars and parties all night long for when you search for some fun on vacation, a country of national parks and history heritage for nature and history lovers and, last but not least, a country of amazing food and great wines. What makes Croatia stand up from other countries is definitely it’s locals – you will be greeted by people who live and breathe Croatia, people who are kind and friendly, always ready to help – after all, tourism has been our main industry for years now, and we know how to appreciate it!

Coming back to renting a yacht, what services are included if a client is coming to you and would like to hire a crewed yacht for a bigger tour across the ocean – if you can elaborate on that a bit.

Chartering a luxury private yacht is one of the finest and most exclusive types of vacation available in Croatia. Our team will go to great lengths to assist our clients in planning every detail of their journey to create the ultimate charter experience. When chartering a luxury private yacht Charter Fee in essence refers to the hire cost of the yacht itself, with all equipment in working order in addition to the cost of food and wages for the crew during the entirety of the charter. Besides Charter fee, there is a cost of APA – Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) is the process for securing the logistics for a charter. Chartering a yacht involves more than just paying the rental fees, it is about creating an entire schedule with provisions for the duration of the charter. As such, when planning a trip, you need to factor in more than the yacht, its crew, and the destinations. You must include fuel, food, drink, entertainment, medical care, berthing fees, customs, communications and more. These extra details are all included in the APA, which is usually 30% of charter price.

Finally: What’s the best piece of advice given to you?

Always deliver more than expected. This applies to my whole work ethic and personal life. I strive to go above and beyond for my business, my family, friends, partners & clients. When you are doing something giving 100% from yourself, it just has to succeed. People recognize the energy, positivity and will to deliver, and those will always get you far in both professional and private life!

Download (PDF) our issue of SKYLINE magazine here.

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