Top 10 restaurants in Croatia (Dalmatia)

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Finally here it is, the listing of top 10 restaurants in Croatia (Dalmatia):

10. Restaurant Pantarul – Dubrovnik

Their motto is “make yourself as home” so they do as much as they can to live up to the slogan. How do they justify it? Well, first of all their menu lives with the season so keeping that in mind, food is prepared using local products sourced by local famers from Croatia. Fresh fish is delivered daily and meat comes from their most reliable sources therefore bread and pasta are homemade. Finally there is a creative wine list featuring finest croatian wines.

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9. Fish Restaurant “Proto” – Dubrovnik

One of the top 10 restaurants in Croatia is definitely restaurant Proto. Established in 1886 this restaurant offers their guests imaginative dishes made from daily fresh Adriatic fish, crabs, shellfish and molluscs. It is located in the very heart of Dubrovnik so you can feel the aristocracy and history of the Old city. The menu depends exclusively on the daily availability of fresh ingredients. Along the fresh seafood and meat dishes, on their menu you can also find organic vegetables. Inspiration for menu is found in the culinary artistry of Dubrovnik’s townspeople, passed down from one generation to other. Not to mention that their sommelier is Croatias’s current champion so don’t worry about wine decision.

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8. Restaurant Foša – Zadar

Located in a small port called Foša next to the Old city walls, this restaurant cuisine is a combination of age-long damatian and modern trends. Always pleasant atmosphere and traditional dalmatian dishes with modern gastronomy elements is what best describes this place. Only fresh vegetables and seasonal groceries characteristic for Zadar climate are served. Lastly, they have a variety of wines to offer, more precisely 120 diferent wine brands with a greatest collection of Croatian wines.

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7. Restaurant Nautika – Dubrovnik

If you would like to enjoy dinner while observing Adriatic sea and fortresses Lovrijenac and Bokar then this is a place for you! With their sophisticated mediterranean cuisine and only best ingrediens they manage to preserve location’s rich history. Lobsters are brought from Vis(beautiful island in Croatia) and fresh sea delicacies from local waters. Eventually, their motto is “Tradition, quality and creativity” so they do the best to live up to the slogan. Also in 2006. restaurant was pronounced as sixth most romantic restaurant by Condé Nast Traveller magazine.

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6. Bokeria (Kitchen And Wine) – Split

In the very hearth of Diocletian’s palace “Bokeria” found its place. Restaurant was inspired by La Boqueira market in Barcelna. The ambient of place is modern and stylish while their dishes reflect local traditions in Croatia but with a modern flare.  So if you want to get familiar with Mediterranean flavours and Dalmatian vibe while eating in a crowd piazza then this is a place for you!

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5. Laganini (Lounge Bar Fish House) – Hvar

Wether you are staying in Hvar or you charter a boat, this is a place you shouldn’t skip.  Eating in exotic seafood restaurant and enjoying  stunning Vinogradišće bay is everything someone can wish for. They offer diversed selection of Adriatic fres fish caught by local fisherman and prepared by top Chef Hrvoje Zirojević. Also there is a coctail lounge bar where you can take a swim or just sunbath while drinking a coctail. Therefore this restaurant is perfect place for relaxing and relishing marvellous local food.

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4. Restaurand Pojoda – Vis

Would you like to feel like home? This restaurant is located on island that was originaly Greek colony founded in the 4th century BC. More precisely it is sited in the quiet yard of typical Dalmatian old house. Seeing that I would recommend you to enjoy traditional seasonal domestic dishes in the shade of fruit trees and grapevine. Since Vis is famous for its long fishing tradition you don’t have to worry about fresh seafood on your table. Hence if you find yourself sailing the Adriatic sea dont forget to check this place.

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3. Restaurant And Winery Boškinac – Novalja

The excelent fine dining experience is what you can expect here. The restaurant is situated in the nort part of island Pag which is known for its sheep’s cheese and salt. This place offers traditional local dishes made with products from island and its surrounding. On their menu you can find fish, lamb, famous sheep’s cheese, olive oil and wine. Also you shouldn’t worry about the wine because this Hotel, winery and restaurant is hidden in the very heart of a wineyard. So if you happen to take your charter beauty near Pag don’t miss this place.

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2. Restaurant 360 – Dubrovnik

Do you recognize the photo? Because this restaurant is placed along the medival walls of UNESCO Heritage site. Revel the flavours of Dubrovnik’s and Mediterranean cuisine prepared following french cooking techniques. But not by any hand considering their Chef was born and raised in Dubrovnik. Do not slip the chance to seize the old port and sea view. Ala carte menu and top world wines from all major wineyars are waiting for you.

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1. Restaurant Pelegrini – Šibenik

Finally, the best of top 10 restaurants in Croatia is Pelegrini. The moment you enter this place you’re looking at open kitchen and Chef in action. “Pelegrini” is sited right next to the cathedral in the hearth of Old city. Even more the vintage interior and seven century old walls provide extraordinary atmosphere. Their purpose is sustainable turism as well as sustainable gastronomy. Finally allow the awards to tell about their cuisine:

17/20, 4 toques, Gault & Millau
2018. Best Restaurant in Croatia, Chef of the Year – Dobri Restorani
2016. Best Restaurant in Croatia – Dobri Restorani

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