Yacht Maintenance & Service

We provide a full spectrum of yacht maintenance services – interior and exterior cleaning, small repairs, warranty works & claims, engine services, generator service, hydraulic service, electricity service, dry dock service (sanding, polishing, painting etc), storage service (for tenders, jet skis, water toys and various equipment), preparation of the yacht prior to charter/Owner arrival, cooling system services, wood & leather repairs and production, parts provisioning, equiping the yacht, safety equipment service & certification, gelcoat repairs & all neccessary works needed to keep the yacht in perfect condition.


We have great pride of the condition of all yachts we manage. Our team is always ready to do a full interior and exterior cleaning to make your yacht shine.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Deep cleaning of the carpets
  • Deep cleaning of the matrasses
  • Chemical cleaning of curtains (due to fireproof material curtains on bord are made of)
  • Interior cleaning (cabins, kitchen, bathrooms, crew mess, saloon)
  • Exterior cleaning (deck and superstructure, washing of the sides, fender cleaning, teak cleaning & oil application if needed, lockers cleaning, ropes washing and drying, special cleaning of exterior cushions, garage cleaning, platform and platform hydraulics)
  • Inox cleaning and polishing
  • Tender cleaning
  • Silicone cleaning (both interior and exterior)
  • Nano protection coat
  • Underwater cleaning (from shells and debris)
  • Cleaning of the propellers, shafts and trim tabs


We work with some of the best available products for nautical care on market – Allegrini, Semco, Starbrite, Yachticon, 3M, Shelly etc. to provide that special glance.


Around 80% of the yacht Owners have experienced multiple warranty issues to claim on a new built yachts.


We’re here to take care of all the warranty works – made a detailed list and survey, keep an eye on every single part of new built, handle warranty claims to shipyard by email, phone and in person, tracking warranty claims, getting parts necessary for the repairs and sending back old parts, finidng official representatives to complete the works under warranty terms and finally, informing the Owner about the warranty claim progress and vessel status.


We collaborate with all major shipyards like Ferretti, Sunreef, Sessa Marine, Prestige (Jeanneau), Absolute, Princess, Azimut… We have all the neccessary contacts and great relationship with aftersales teams, which makes our and their job easier, and it makes Owner stress free and secure.


Our skilled team is committed to do the job professionally, quickly, and efficiently; we set the standard for quick service and value in the industry.

We’re experienced in engine diagnostics, including vibration issues, engine problem analysis and tuning, yacht engine installation including outboards and jet units, engine oil analysis, fuel injector testing and replacement, turbo replacement, heat exchanger and exhaust manifold flushing, rebuild, repair and upgrades, cooling system flush, water pumps, internal zincs, impellers and seals and more!

Regular engine service is a must do task on board – especially on a new build.

We cooperate with authorised services for Cummins, Volvo, Yanmar, Mercruiser, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, MTU etc.



Besides the engine, a most important part of the yacht – during years, we specialized in various types of generators (Onan, Kohler, Fischer Panda..) and their service:

  • Regular generator service (change of oil and filters)
  • Small repair (water pump, impeller change)
  • General generator service
  • general generator service
  • Diagnostic of the problem
  • For vessels under the warranty, we organize authorised service fory every type of generator.


Prime Yachting is offering a complete service, maintenance, refit, repair and installation for hydraulic systems found on the modern day yacht. That includes hydraulic rams, furling units, steering, thrusters, stabilisers, shell doors, gangway, deck equipment, access platforms and cranes. In fact, all systems found onboard your vessel.


Our team of specialists will take care of any eletric issue or demand that Owner has.

From navigational systems, fine electronic, throttle handles, batteries, chargers, LED ligts, LED yacht name signs, thrusters and anchor winches to engine electronis and radars and thermal cameras – we have years of experience in handling the issues and installing new equipment.

As well as helping clients find power and control systems that fit their requirements, we continually strive to introduce new, innovative products to our customers – yacht digitalisation & modernisation of the equipment, various tracking systems installation, state of the art network routers that work perfectly trougout the Adriatic, new thermal camers with AIS sensors, yacht surveillance systems – you say it, we do it.


Dry dock service is the most important part of winter service.

Dry dock service consists of washing, blasting and painting of the vessel and is one of the main reasons for dry-docking, as it ensures efficient vessel operations for next season.

After extended periods of sailing and service, it is not uncommon for marine growth such as algae or slime to build up on the sides of the vessel.

This buildup has a direct impact on the efficiency of the vessel and ultimately leads to higher fuel consumption.

On the dry dock we also perform polishing of the yacht and superstructure, change of anodas (zincs), inspection of stabilisators and trim tabs, check of sea valves and adjustment if needed, markup of anchor chain and many more small repairs.


We’re providing a safe space for your personal belongins, tenders, water toys, jet skis, exterior cushions and overall yacht equipment, which is especially important over winter time, so it doesn’t stay on board and thus get damaged.

Exterior cushions, boat parts, tends and covers, as well as bedlinen and pillows, duvets etc are stored in a dry hall where temperature is constantly being held on 23 degrees Celsius.

Tenders and jet skies are stored in a dry hall, covered and checked weekly, as well as washed once per month to clean them from possible dirt or dust, and plugged in shore power if needed, or placed on battery chargers.


Prior to every season it’s very important to perform a service and gas refill in all cooling devices, such as:

  • Air condition service

Gas refill, disinfection, filter cleaning, pipes check, chiller test and service, electronics check, panels check and thermostat check are all part of regular AC system service.

  • Refrigerator service

Gass refill, valve check, electronic test and control, cooling inspection, thermostat control and performance test are part of regular refrigerator service.

  • Ice maker and wine cooler service

Gass refill, valve check, electronic test and control, cooling inspection, thermostat control and performance test are part of regular  service.


We’re experienced in manufacturing and repair of all types of wood and upholstery (includiing leather) that are present on yachts. We have special cleaning solutions, chemical cleaning methods and trained personnel to keep your wood and upholstery like new.

We also make custom made pieces of teak, wood, leather and various other materials designed to your wishes and needs.


We’re experienced in manufacturing and repair of all types of wood and upholstery (includiing leather) that are present on yachts. We have special cleaning solutions, chemical cleaning methods and trained personnel to keep your wood and upholstery like new.

We also make custom made pieces of teak, wood, leather and various other materials designed to your wishes and needs. Our collaboration with factories like Ferretti, Absolute, Jenneau, Bennetti, Sessa Marine, Princess and many more is a guarantee that we will get desired parts in shortest possible time and that we’ll be able to do the repairs on schedule.

We also closely collaborate with Wasi nautical equipment supplier (biggest in Croatia), Unimar, Lalizas, V.I.N.D., Gumis etc.


Regular yacht’s safety equipment service and certification is obligatory by the Croatian law (even for the yachts under the foreign flag  which are sailing in Croatia) and is most important part of the service.

Fire extinguishers have to be serviced and certified annualy, and life rafts once in 2 years (if they’re not older then 5 years).

  • Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have to be serviced and certified annualy

  • Life raft

Life rafts needs to be produced under the ISO standard ( model depends on yacht sailing category) and serviced and certified once every 2 years (in case they’re not older than 5 years).

  • Automatic Fire Suppression System

Located in the engine room. Needs to be  serviced and certified annualy, and if it’s halon system it needs to be serviced completely (bottle, valves, thickness of the bottle) annualy too.


Is often a long process, taking a lot of time and a lot of planning and organization – that’s why we’re here – we’re simplifying the process of equipping the yacht, respecting Owner’s wishes and needs and finding best posssible suppliers and manufacturers for the job.

  • Interior equipment

From best possible dishes, cutlery and kitchen equipment to soft and quality bedlinen – we’re providing the best equipment there is.

  • Exterior equipment

We know the best rope suppliers, teak suppliers, Sombrella suppliers,  custom made fender covers  – you name it, we get it.

  • Tenders and jet skis

We know how important these are! Let us know what you wish for and we’ll contact our suppliers for best possbile quote.

  • Water toys

For the best enjoyment in sea and sun, water toys are a must. We have amazing deals on Sea Bobs, stand up paddles, electric bikes and many more popular water toys.

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