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Buying your first yacht may be stressful and unpleasant situation, when it comes to the yacht on sale, yacht survey and decision to whom you can entrust the whole process. We at Prime Yachting d.o.o. are a group of  experts and professionals in this field and with the years of experience and hard work we can truly call ourselves that way.

We have the knowledge, experience, equipment and the most important thrustworthy people who we work with that will make sure your yacht is in excellent condition, retains its certain value, has no hidden issues or disadvantages and will protect your investment.

Yacht on sale

Once you have set your eye on a specific boat and decided to purchase it, there are a numerous procedures and steps to follow in order to do everything right. Firstly, you should check the yachts for sale yourself in order to take any further steps. Our role as a surveyor begins in this moment and continues as for long as you entrust us with your boat.

First step…

In the beginning we organize a pre-purchase survey to inspect your boat carefully, listing all its equipment and its condition. The survey process includes inspecition of yacht on sale with the mechanic and technicians who check the engines, as this is the most important part when it comes to the boat price. This way you will be familiar with the current condition of the boat engines and depending on a boat condition, there is a possiblity that you negotiate the price.

Besides the mechanical survey, important part of an inspection is slipping the boat to inspect the interior, underwater parts and components, as well as the boat hull. After the detailed survey on the boat is completed, we take a boat for a sea trial and test it on water. For all this time it is highly reccomended that you are included in the survey, as much as needed, but also to leave the professionals to do their part.


At this point it is time to make an official survey report. Our reports are in plain English and are used to discuss the price with the broker, raise finance and obtain insurance.

Surveys reports we perform are detailed, pragmatic, with photos and video, true to time and condition of the yacht on sale, and are a true source for the potential buyer of all our findings on the boat. Prime Yachting d.o.o. can also carry out market assessments to give an indication of the market value of a yacht, which is also an excellent way to negotiate the yacht price.

Apart from survey reports required for yacht purchase, we do the same on monthly basis for yachts we have in our charter management. As a company with fleet of 40 motor yachts in total, some of which are in yearly charter. For this reason we are very well familiar with mostly all yacht brands, its characteristics, most common issues and disadvantages (if any), as well as advantages and reccommendations for improving the current state of the boat.


We have been maintaining yachts on a regular basis for years now and our reports show our dedication and profesionalism to the job we love. We describe in detail what has been repaired or done on the boat, take the referring images and present it to the owner. This way the owner is always aware of everything that has been done on the boat.

To conclude, our work speaks for itself, so all you have to do is chose your perfect yacht and let us do the rest for you.



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COVID-19 cancellation policy

Charter company is binding to proceed with the full refund of the amount received by Agency or Guest in the following cases:


  • If the borders of the host country or Guest’s residence country are officially closed on the date of your cruise
  • If a minimum quarantine of 7 days is imposed upon returning from your vacation or upon arriving to host country
  • If travel for the purpose of tourism is formally prohibited in the host country or in the Guest’s residence country on the date of departure